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Whirlwind Tour of Home

The month of May flew by in a whirlwind for G and I. First Courtney and Kelly came to visit. Then Darcy. Then Dad S. and Joanna. With our various guests we had the opportunity to check out many local sites as tourists in our new home town.

First was Point State Park and some of the art and architecture downtown.

Next came rides on both the Duquesne and Monongahela inclines. It was great to see the city skyline from Duquesne Heights and Mt. Washington.

The inclines were followed by a hour long tour on the rivers of Pittsburgh with the Gateway Clipper Fleet. It's always fun to learn more trivia about our new city.

Finally we checked out both the National Aviary and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I loved the butterfly room at the Phipps and we'll definitely be returning to the National Aviary for some shows and programs in the future.

Now to check out a bit more of the arts scene with the Pittsburgh Arts Festival and some of the local museums.

Hope you all enjoyed your last month of spring and have stayed safe with the crazy storms throughout the US.

Point State Park

Today, Courtney, Kelley, and I jumped on (well walked onto really) the trolley, or T, and headed into downtown Pittsburgh to check out Point State Park. We walked by Greg's former office building and decided to eat lunch at the food court inside before walking the rest of the way to the park.

Point State Park, or Point Park as it is often called, is located at the intersection of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers and where they consequently combine to form the Ohio River. It is also the location of the former French installation, Fort Duquesne and the former British installation, Fort Pitt. We walked over the granite tracery, in ground outline, of the Fort Pitt music bastion on our way through the beautifully lush grassy area known as the 'Great Lawn'. Then, after stopping at the Fort Pitt Museum to grab a park map, we walked over to the tracery of the former Fort Duquesne, a much much smaller fort by comparison to the former Fort Pitt. Finally we walked as close as we could to the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela and took in the views of the rivers, Heinz Field, Mt. Washington and the Duquesne incline, and finally of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline. Unfortunately, due to construction of some sort we were unable to go the full way out to the point and the fountain as the point wasn't running, but still a good view.

After taking in the views, we headed back toward the train via Market Square. While the vendors were closing down for the day, we enjoyed just standing in the shade with a breeze blowing around us. We stood a while before heading further into the heart of downtown to see the "Liberty Avenue Musicians" statues, a tribute to Pittsburgh's contribution to American music and mos specifically jazz. Then we headed back to the train station and caught the T back home again.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to walk through downtown Pittsburgh and the park.

Wallet, what wallet?

Yesterday afternoon Greg and I headed out toward the Pittsburgh airport to grab dinner before he got onto a plane for work in San Jose, California. As we arrived at TGIFridays where Greg had planned to take me for dinner, we got out of our car and Greg realized that his wallet wasn't in his pocket where he usually kept it. This led to Greg searching through the car and his luggage to realize that he'd left his wallet at home.

At this point I just started to laugh. We had both been looking forward to dinner out together before Greg left for the week. Greg immediately felt bad that we wouldn't have time for a relaxed dinner as we needed to run back home to get his wallet. I on the other hand was just grateful that we had left early enough to have time to run home to get his wallet.

We turned around and went home, though at this point we were dealing with rush hour traffic as people headed home for the evening. We pulled through a Burger King drive-thru on the way to get something for dinner, grabbed Greg's wallet, and headed once again toward the airport. With even more traffic on local roads, we were cutting it close on time. Greg pulled up to the airport ticketing terminal at 6:38pm for a 7:10pm flight. I'm glad to report that he made his flight with a full 2 minutes to spare and has since arrived safely in San Jose.

I guess you could call this an adventure in flexibility. =)

Happy Birthday, Kermit

In May of 1955, Jim Henson introduced a lovable green puppet who soon became friend to many, Kermit the Frog. So in honor of Kermit's birthday:

Leaving Again

Greg just told me that he's going away again. He says it's only for a few days, but it doesn't matter. He's leaving me. I mean, Kendi will still be here, he's leaving her here too. But I just don't like it when he goes away. At least he gave me warning this time that he was going away next week. He'd better bring me back some yummies to make up for his going away.

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