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Sometimes You've Just Gotta Like Ike

"You do not lead people by hitting them over the head...that's assault, not leadership." ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

I know that I have a strong personality and a comfort in my own skin that many people do not enjoy. This often leads me to butt heads with folks displaying a seeming inability to hear or accept the validity of viewpoints other than their own, let alone admit that they may have a gap in their argument or admit the possibility of more than one appropriate feeling on a subject.

Sometimes a quote just calls out to you and in light of the above, Ike's quote above did just that. As I said, I have my own opinions and love a good debate, but I pray that God blesses me with the wisdom to hear other arguments whether or not I agree with them, as well as the tact to share my viewpoint without belittling, and the pupil's heart to learn from even beliefs that may contradict my own even if only to grow my understanding of my own mind.

Suprise Visit

Suzanne and Chandler decided to visit Greg and I this weekend. It was so much fun to catch up. They drove up from DC on Friday evening.

We had brunch at Eat'n'Park Saturday morning. Followed by a trip up the Duquesne Incline to see an overview of the city. We grabbed a snack and drinks at the Buckhorn Tavern. We all appreciated that over-sized couch and table enclave at the Tavern. A great beer special, yummy appetizers, and some great sports moments made it even better. We saw the overtime for England v. France in the Women's World Cup and saw Derek Jeter get his 3000 hit in professional baseball before leaving for our next stop...a cruise on the Good Ship Lollipop.

Okay, so the ship was actually The Princess of the Gateway Clipper Fleet in Pittsburgh, but the cruise was called the Good Ship Lollipop Cruise. It is an hour long site-seeing cruise on Pittsburgh's three rivers with a clown aboard to entertain and make balloon animals for any kids aboard. We wanted the site-seeing cruise but as they were only doing the kids cruise that day we decided to join the Lollipop adventure.

After the cruise we headed back to our place to relax. Suzanne and Chandler played some Little Big Planet for a while and then we headed out for dinner at a Pittsburgh institution- Primanti Brothers. Primanti Brothers is known for their everything included sandwiches made with your choice of meat (or vegetarian option)topped with cheese, hand cut french fries, coleslaw, and tomato, onion optional. Greg and Chandler went for the gold with a sandwich order while Suzanne and I stuck with a pizza and a quesadilla respectively. Everything was very yummmy. According to Greg, "life changing." I think that means we will be returning there again. =)

After dinner our visitors headed back to Virginia.

It was a great weekend.

Happy Independence Day, America!

As you celebrate this July 4th, here's an interesting article to consider:

Harvard says Fourth of July Parades Could Turn Your Kids Republican

My questions: Since when is patriotism purely a party line issue? And, since when does the definition of independence mean brainwashing your children about open mindedness while purposefully limiting their political purview because they liked a VFW parade float?

I guess what I'm saying is this; if your kids define their philosophies based on public displays rather than conversations with you, you have bigger problems than Independence Day.

AU in the News

We have a player going pro. I mean he's our lead basketball player and he's signed to play baseball with the Kansas City Royals, but still...he's going pro. It's actually an interesting story and the Royals have agreed to pay for his final year of college.

Check it out: Lumpkins to Play Baseball

A Taste of Summer

Pulled out the Dad T. summer special for lunch today. Well, I used fresh strawberries instead of home-canned peaches, but still, same thing.

For those interested:

Dad T's Summer Special

Vanilla ice cream
Fruit (Canned peaches are the original)
Touch of sugar (optional-not needed if using canned fruit)
Dash of milk

Place ingredients in blender. Blend and Enjoy.

Hey, who said good had to take hours in the kitchen.

PS-- Greg says that I should have used more strawberries. He gave it an 8 of 10.

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