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Another Little Trip

Greg's sister Courtney is coming to stay with us for a while. Tonight I'm working on getting her room ready for her; but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This weekend Greg is staying in DC for work; so Freyja and I are taking a road trip. We're going to my parent's house for a visit. Freyja will be staying with them for a few days while I drive the rest of the way to DC to spend part of the week with Greg for our anniversary. Freyja's visit will also give her the chance to spend some more time getting used to Poly and getting a check up by the vet. Poly gets her final kitten boosters next week and assuming no major hiccoughs, both cats will come home with us on next Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I'll be driving to DC on Saturday to spend some time with Greg. He has to work part of the weekend, so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of his Marriott Gold status perks to kick up my feet and relax. Beyond that I'll be catching up with friends while Greg works and Wednesday evening we plan to go out to dinner for our anniversary.

Thursday morning, Greg and I will be heading to Springfield, VA to meet Courtney for the long drive back to Pittsburgh. We'll be heading first to my folks place to break up our trip a bit and to pick up our kitty cats. Then we'll be trekking the rest of the way to Pittsburgh to get Freyja, Poly, and Courtney all settled in.

So yeah, just another little trip in the planning for next week.

The Little Things Can Make a Difference

In the past few weeks we've made a few small changes that have some big impacts.

For one we're getting a new little kitty named Poly (short for Roly-Poly). Another farm cat rescue case, she's had her first vet visit, gotten her first shots, been declawed, and is currently at my parents house getting used to living inside. She goes back to the vet in October for her first rabies shot and some other boosters.

Freyja is unimpressed by this change as yet and prefers watching the kitten from a distance and hissing to making friends, but we figure that will take time. That's one of the reasons we finally purchased the cat tree that we've been talking about getting for quite some time now for Freyja. She loves it and spent the first two days after it arrived and I set it up sleeping in the top little cup bed/ cat nest. We're hoping that it will give her a place to be up above the kitten watching when we finally bring Poly home to our house.

Another major purchase, a new bedroom set for G and I before the arrival of Baby Z. This is another purchase that we have been talking about for a while and decided that the combination of pregnancy and Labor Day sales made it time to act. Our previous bedroom set is being spilt between our guest room and what will be the nursery. The dressers will become Baby Z's storage and changing table. The bed and night stand are now available for guests when they come to visit Baby Z come March or before.

And finally, a little trip to DC with G for my birthday. First, it gives us time to bug bomb our house to try to eliminate the spiders that are insisting we share the space. Freyja and I are both hoping it works as I'm tired of seeing/smushing them and Freyja is tired of skin sores from getting bitten by the nasty ones. She's staying with my folks while we're in DC this week, which gives the added bonus of her and Poly having some get to know each other time. The trip also gives me some nice time to read and relax while G's working his tail off. But hey, we get to see each other in the evenings this week and plans are in the works for a birthday dinner out. So good times.

And there you have it folks, the little things that have made a big difference in rearranging our house, our schedule, and our finances the past few weeks.

AU in the News Again

Libyan Rebel Wears American U. Blue Crew Shirt

Just a quirky story for those who can appreciate how small the world really is.

Virginia Earthquake August 23, 2011

I'm very thankful to hear from most of my Virginia/DC friends that they are all ok after the 5.9 earthquake centered at Mineral, VA.

Greg along with the federal government and most everyone else in DC evacuated their buildings and headed home early for the day while buildings in the District are inspected for any structural damage that the quake may have caused.

Some of the sad news from the quake includes this story from the Washington Post, Stones Fall Off Washington National Cathedral.

Best of luck to all of you cleaning up.

UPDATE: More sad news from DC: Washington Monument Closed Indefinitely Due to Crack Near Top of Monument

Where's My Cracker Barrel?

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