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Baby Z a geek in training?

What happens when you combine the genetics of two geeks spanning literature, grammar, science, math, gaming, and computers/technology...?

Way too much baby gear from Think Geek, that's what. Hey, when Baby Z is old enough to choose his/her own interests and style we will support the decision, within age appropriate reason; but until then, Greg and I get to choose baby's swag. We've already accepted that Baby Z has little hope of being normal with nuts like us for parents, so we'll own it and hope that one day Baby Z will too. =)

2011 Year in Review

Better late than never, right.

Move all of our things from Arlington, VA to Bethel Park, PA over New Years Eve
Living in hotels for 2 weeks
Cleaning Arlington apartment
Lots of fare-thee-well dinners in prep for move from DC to Pittsburgh
Greg's last day at Postal Service (or so we thought)
Kendi's last day at Wesley Theological Seminary
We move finally move in with our stuff
Kendi's Nana passes away
Greg starts work with Highmark BCBS in Pittsburgh

Greg still getting setup for work at Highmark
Kendi interviews, a lot of interviews
Freyja works on adjusting to her new house
We finally get our furniture settled
Try a new Dr. unsuccessfully
Kendi helps with transition work for Wesley

We complete our Daniel Fast for lent
Kendi has first temp job assignment
Bridal showers and Bachelor party for Sereena and Mike
Kendi continues transition work for Wesley
Find a good family medical practice. YEA!!!
Kendi finally gets thyroid issue diagnosed
Greg finds out Highmark is cutting back it's Accenture contract, he's benched

Greg looks for new contract work in Pittsburgh
We finally find a church home in Bethel Park
Mike & Sereena get married
Kendi starts another temp assignment

Greg teaches his first course for Accenture
Courtney and Kelly visit
Darcy visits
Dad S. and Joanna visit

Greg turns 30
Greg gets a BIG birthday present...he's going to be a Dad
Birthday party for Greg at Grandma & Grandpa Presley's house in Abingdon, VA
Freyja visits Paul & Lanie
Greg starts contract back with Postal service, travelling each week to DC

Kendi researches Midwife groups
Greg keeps travelling for work
Kendi visits DC
Tinka & J get married

Seth & Sam get married
Our first appointment with the Midwife Center in Pittsburgh
We hear Baby Z's heartbeat
Freyja finally settles into the new travel routine
We finally get a new bedroom set for ourselves

Relax for Labor Day
Peaches canned and jammed with Mom & Dad T.
Kendi visits DC with Greg for her birthday
Kendi starts another temp assignment
We adopt another kitty, R. Poley

Kendi travels to DC with Greg for our anniversary
Courtney comes to stay for a few weeks
Baby Z's first picture is taken, in utero via sonogram
-Aunt Courtney got to see Baby Z
- Baby Z shows its stubborn side, refusing to move when needed for the tech
Greg and I find out to expect two new nieces or nephews in June 2012
- Tinka & J
- Ryan & Christina
We finally bring Poley home

Greg wraps up one USPS project and begins another
Courtney heads back home
Dinner getting to know some folks from church
We take our Child birthing classes at the Midwife Center
Thanksgiving with the Tremmel family at Gram's house

Freyja and Poley spend Christmas with Mom & Dad T.
Baby shower for Kendi and Baby Z in DC--Thanks Sereena and Rachelle!
Kendi visits DC while Greg's working
Drive to Abingdon, VA for Christmas with the Elder/Szrama/Presley clan
We drive back to DC for Greg to warp up work
Christmas presents and pizza breakfast with Mom & Dad T. at Tinka & J's house
New Year's eve relaxing at home with kitties and a bottle of sparkling grape juice

So there you have it. 2011 at the Szrama house was definitely an eventful one and 2012 is shaping up to be just as exciting with Baby Z expected to make an entrance in February, Poley and Freyja still figuring each other out, and who knows what else might come down the Pike.

Care Packages

Greg and I worked with our church to put together care packages for church community members serving overseas. Tonight I packaged all of the goodies gathered in the hopes that they'll express our thanks and blessing to their recipients.

Due to the generosity of our church community were we able to make four large care packages stuffed to the brim. Two of the packages I'll be shipping out tomorrow to servicemen in overseas theaters and two are packaged in gift bags for two servicemen returning from overseas theaters right around Christmas.

Greg and I were both really glad to be able to pull together the idea so quickly and were humbled by the generosity of our church community in this season when they are giving in so many other directions as well.

For those who contributed, THANK YOU. And for those unable to contribute items or cards this year, prayer is the best gift and blessing we can give those serving our country far and near. THANK YOU for praying.

Christmas Tree

Today, Greg and I put up our first Christmas tree together. Yes, we've been married for three years and this is the first year that we've put up a tree due to space and travel during the holidays. This year we're still travelling but we'll be home the weeks before and and after for once so we decided to go for it.

Everything went well getting and putting up the tree. We had a few electrical issues with lights as some strands just did not want to stay lit, but beyond that we had fun. Afterward however, Poley decided that the pretty lights were there to better light her way for climbing and that the shiny balls hanging from the branches were there for convenient play. Freyja had to explore thoroughly under the tree, but thankfully did not feel the need to join in the climbing.

Without further ado, the tree.

Warm Fuzzies

I love having a kitty curled up on my lap and one curled up behind my head on the back of the couch. Few things make a person feel more loved. (For you dog only people out there, it's the equivalent of a dog curled up at your feet.) I also love having a fuzzy kitty curled up on each side of me in bed each night.

That said, we're all three going to be excited to see Greg when he gets home from DC tomorrow evening. =)

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