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That's an apt description of the past month. For some reason June always ends up one of our craziest times each year and 2012 was no exception. First there are the annual events, Greg's birthday and Father's Day and a brief remembrance of Flag Day. This year we added a niece's birthday, Kylee Rae on June 13th, and a nephew's birthday, William Christopher on June 24th. The weekend after Kylee was born we took Roo on his first long car trip to meet his cousin and so that I could help Tinka for a few days while my mom was on a cruise with my Aunt Linda. He did really well on the 3 hour trip fussing only the last 20 minutes, and sleeping in what was PaPa Paul's bassinet didn't seem to phase him at all as he continued to sleep through the night even though we were away from home. When we got back, Roo took center stage with his 4 month appointment and vaccinations on June 25th, he weighed in at 14 lbs 5 oz, 25 inches long, and beyond battling a little thrush, perfectly healthy and happy. Later that week family came into town to celebrate Roo's dedication at church on July 1st. He did really well be passed person to person all weekend, really only spending time with mommy to eat and daddy to be put down for bed, even if he successfully fought napping with all the people around. Uncle Jeff even took him for his first trip to Home Depot and Half-Price books while the rest of us finished dinner together on Saturday evening. He finally crashed most of the day Monday after most everyone went home.

Hope summer is treating all of you just as well.

Memorial Day weekend

Today we decided to pick a local town and walk through it's downtown area just to look around, and the pick was Carnegie. Honestly the place was practically a ghost town, but with temps in the 80's and a nice light breeze, it was a great day for a stroll.

Roo liked looking all around from his stroller as we walked. I liked seeing the Canadian geese swimming in the stream as we crossed it. And Greg loved his Hillbilly burger for lunch. What's a Hillbilly burger you ask? Well, it's what Greg got for lunch at the little hole in the wall BBQ joint we tried for lunch. The burger consisted of two quarter pound all beef patties, each topped with a slice of cheese, pulled pork, a large onion ring, and backed beans, all on a bun. Messy, though according to Greg, very good. I got their pulled pork with cheese fries. And we both splurged on something fried for dessert (twinkie for Greg and a candy bar for me). Roo of course had milk de mom for lunch and was quite pleased with it as well. =P

Anyway, after our walk we came back home and did some cleaning/ chores and prepped things for the crock pot tomorrow. We'll put the beef bourguinon in the crock pot after church and neither or us will have to cook beyond that then.

Anyway, hope you all can find time to enjoy the freedoms so many have sacrificed to preserve for us and to remember their sacrifices this weekend.

Adventures in Pork Chops

Last week Greg and I opened up some pork chops from our freezer and I had some fun in the kitchen.

First, the pork was 'fresh' from a pig my parents got butchered and split at the request of our brother in law earlier this year. They were yummy.

Second, with Roo occasionally allowing Mommy to do some things while he entertains himself by watching a mobile or the cats, I can actually take some time to cook.

These led to two new recipes to share:

Maple-Rum Pork Chops


Teriyaki Pork Chops

Let us know what you think if you decide to give them a try.

One Month

It's been a whirlwind of a month. Robert Gregory Szrama, IV, Roo, arrived at 9:00pm on March 1, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately due to complications, I had to have an emergency cesarean section for his birth, but thankfully there were no surgical complications and baby boy arrived healthy and hearty with a strong set of lungs and the pipes to prove it.

Grandparents Elder and Tremmel and great-grandparents Presley came to the hospital the first few days which both encouraged Greg and me and helped us through running errands and taking care of Freyja and Poley during our hospital stay. After 4 days in the hospital, mommy, daddy, and Roo were able to come home. Freyja and Poley were unsure of the loud, smelly thing at first but have since come to decide that he's okay. Greg spent the better part of three weeks taking care of both me and baby so that I could properly heal. My mom was able to stay and help us the good part of the first two weeks which was a huge blessing.

And so now we have a close to 10 pound, 5 week old baby boy with his own little personality starting to shine through, his daddy's chin, mommy's ears, and muscular control of his head and neck way better than most his age. Thankfully he's a generally happy baby who doesn't seem to cry without a reason and who so far sleeps like a champ.

So yeah, in an Easter season of new beginnings, we're looking forward hopefully to Greg finding a position here in Pittsburgh, me healing completely and well, and finally, watching our little blessing grow each day.

Waiting and waiting

With Baby Z's official due coming and going yesterday without Baby Z making its debut we're playing the waiting game. Come on Baby Z. Both of your parents are generally punctual people, let's not start off on a bad foot by procrastinating. =P

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