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Early Christmas to Us

Greg and I took advantage of pre-holiday sales and Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons to purchase an early Christmas present to us. With Baby Z on the way we decided a splurge purchase for the both of us would be better than smaller gifts to each other this year. So the decision, a Keurig coffee maker and a few K-cups in both tea and coffee varieties.

The single serving coffee/tea maker works great for us since I don't drink coffee and Greg usually only wants a cup. And as you can see, our crack team of experts inspected everything to be sure it would fit properly in our kitchen.

Poley's First Bath

Poley was a very good kitty for her very first bath a few days ago. She wasn't sure about that whole water thing. However, aside from some pretty insistent squirming, she was well behaved with no scratching or biting.

Freyja got a bath the same day. She wasn't quite sure why she had to suffer such indignity just because the young one was a little smelly.

Three Words: Baked Mostaciolli Florentine

That's right. Greg made dinner tonight. Homemade tomato sauce, spinach, cheese, pasta, and more cheese on top baked together in perfect yumminess. Add some fresh ciabatta bread, steamed veggies, and sparkling grape juice; and, you get one awesome dinner.

What can I say? Sometimes I'm spoiled.

Greg's Home for a Week

With Greg travelling for work the past few months we've been able to take advantage of things like hotels points for holiday stays and the ability to visit friends in DC fairly easily. While those things are nice, I also love it when Greg can be home. And, since Greg currently wrapped up on project at work and is waiting for HR approval to start his next project, he's home for a whole week. YEA!!!

In honor of this being the first time Greg's been home for a week in the past few months, here's a list of reasons it's nice to have him around:

1) Company for my midwives appointments.
2) Another available lap to avoid literal cat fights.
3) He cleaned our bathroom till it sparkled.
4) Having someone warm to snuggle up against at night (not that Freyja and Poley don't try their hardest on this count.)

And, perhaps the most awesome
5) Homemade meat sauce, with mushrooms over tri-colored rotini with steamed veggies and homemade garlic cheese bread.

Oh, and he packed up the some leftovers for my lunch tomorrow. =)

Another Little Trip

Greg's sister Courtney is coming to stay with us for a while. Tonight I'm working on getting her room ready for her; but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This weekend Greg is staying in DC for work; so Freyja and I are taking a road trip. We're going to my parent's house for a visit. Freyja will be staying with them for a few days while I drive the rest of the way to DC to spend part of the week with Greg for our anniversary. Freyja's visit will also give her the chance to spend some more time getting used to Poly and getting a check up by the vet. Poly gets her final kitten boosters next week and assuming no major hiccoughs, both cats will come home with us on next Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I'll be driving to DC on Saturday to spend some time with Greg. He has to work part of the weekend, so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of his Marriott Gold status perks to kick up my feet and relax. Beyond that I'll be catching up with friends while Greg works and Wednesday evening we plan to go out to dinner for our anniversary.

Thursday morning, Greg and I will be heading to Springfield, VA to meet Courtney for the long drive back to Pittsburgh. We'll be heading first to my folks place to break up our trip a bit and to pick up our kitty cats. Then we'll be trekking the rest of the way to Pittsburgh to get Freyja, Poly, and Courtney all settled in.

So yeah, just another little trip in the planning for next week.

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